Career Pathways Happenings

The Career Pathways Program 
The Career Pathways Program is a series of articulated educational and training programs and services that enables students, often while they are working, to advance over time to successively higher levels of education and employment in a given industry or occupational sector. Each step on a career pathway is designed explicitly to prepare students to progress to
the next level of employment and education.

​​​​What is Career Pathways?
* No Cost Enrollment and College Credit    * No Cost Career Training
No Cost Industry Certifications                   * No Cost Transportation
from all D-11 High Schools


Our articulation agreements with Pikes Peak Community College, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, the University of Colorado at Denver, and Metro State University, allow Career Pathways students to potentially earn college ​credits.


Joy Griffin
Career Pathways 
Phone: 719-328-2053
Email: joy.griffin@d11.org

Emily Sherwood
Work Based Learning Coordinator
Phone: 719-328-2045
Email: emily.sherwood@d11.org

Jennifer Freund
Career Pathways Assistant
Phone: 719-328-2086
Email: jennifer.freund@d11.org


Business & Marketing                                                                  

Dr. Keith Clayton
Business & Marketing Pathway Instructor
Phone: 719-328-2052
Email: keith.clayton@d11.org

Business & Marketing Pathway Brochure



Andrea Friesema
Education Pathway Instructor
Phone: 719-328-3086
Email:  andrea.friesema@d11.org
Teacher Website
Education Pathway Brochure

Horticulture & Landscape Technologies                                      

Dr. James Owino
Horticulture & Landscape Technologies Pathway Instructor
Phone: 719- 328-2151
Email: james.owino@d11.org
Teacher Website

Hospitality & Tourism                                                                  

Andrea Aragon
Hospitality & Tourism Pathway Instructor

Phone: 719-328-3087
Email: andrea.aragon@d11.org
Teacher Website

Hospitality & Tourism Pathway Brochure


Information Technology                                                               

Bill Tomeo
Information Technology Pathway Instructor
Phone: 719-328-2047
Email: william.tomeo@d11.org

Teacher Website​​
Information Technology Pathway Brochure



Bill Mahar
 Pathway Instructor
Phone: 719-
Email: william.mahar@d11.org
Teacher Website

Mike Chesire
Transportation Pathway Instructor

Phone: 719-328-2051
Email: michael.chesire@d11.org
Teacher Website

Transportation Pathway Brochure


Visual & Design Arts                                                                    

Angela Banfield
Visual & Design Arts Pathway Instructor

Phone: 719-328-2059
Email: angela.banfield@d11.org
Teacher Website

Jennifer Coil
Visual & Design Arts Pathway Instructor

Phone: 719-328-2043
Email: jennifer.coil@d11.org

Visual & Design Arts Pathway Brochure