Early College High School Faculty

 AVID, Zachary Alarcon
Phone: 719-328-2087
Email: zachary.alarcon@d11.org

Art, Jennifer Coil
Phone: 719-328-2043
Email: jennifer.coil@d11.org

English, C. Daisy Weeks
Phone: 719-328-2041
Email: colleen.weeks@d11.org
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English, Angela Banfield
Phone: 719-328-2059
Email: angela.banfield@d11.org
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PPCC Adjunct Math Instructor, Anthony Beretta
Phone: 719-328-2046
Email: anthony.beretta@d11.org
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PPCC Adjunct Math Instructor, Brandi Kraft
Phone: 719-328-2046
Email: brandi.kraft@d11.org

Math, Lynette Wooley
Email: lynette.woolley@d11.org


Science, Dr. James Owino
719- 328-2151
Email: james.owino@d11.org
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Spanish, Susan Dallam
Phone: 719-328-2048
Email: susan.dallam@d11.org
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 Resource Teacher/MTSS Facilitator, Christy Rotunno
Phone: 719-328-2087
Email: christy.rotunno@d11.org

Social Studies, Chris Berry
Phone: 719-328-2052
Email: christopher.berry@d11.org
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Social Studies, Suzanne Lord
Phone: 719-328-2089
Email: suzanne.lord@d11.org

 Sociology, Lilika Belet
Phone: 719-328-2046
Email: lilika.belet@d11.org

Technology, Bill Tomeo
Phone: 719-328-2047
Email: william.tomeo@d11.org

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Career Pathways Faculty

Automotive Pathway, Bill Mahar
Phone: 719-
Email: william.mahar@d11.org
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Automotive Pathway, Mike Chesire
Phone: 719-328-2051
Email: michael.chesire@d11.org
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ACE, Emily Sherwood
Phone: 719-328-2045
Email: emily.sherwood@d11.org
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 Business, Keith Clayton
Phone: 719-328-2052
Email: keith.clayton@d11.org


Family and Consumer Science/Hospitality and Tourism,
Andrea Aragon

Phone: 719-328-3087
Email: andrea.aragon@d11.org
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Family and Consumer Science/Education Pathway, Andrea Friesema
Phone: 719-328-3086
Email:  andrea.friesema@d11.org
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